Preserving Our Waterfront

Preserving Our Waterfront

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Louise Aalders started this petition to Charlottetown Planning Council

Charlottetown Waterfront Development

Further to the recent newspaper articles on the future development of the Charlottetown waterfront; we the residents of Renaissance Place have concerns specifically about the proposed eight (8) storey steel and concrete structure planned for the Charlottetown waterfront.

Our concerns are focused in 4 specific areas, which are; the environment, traffic flow and safety, community impacts and legal implications. We feel the city and its councillors have not given full consideration in these area.


  • Was an environmental assessment completed on this project?
  • A building so close to the water does not appear to consider the latest scientific data with regard to climate change
  • Scientists at the UPEI Science Lab have developed a tool called “Clive” that simulates the effects of erosion and sea level increases over time …. We would like this tool to be applied to this project.

Traffic and Safety:

  • What plan is in place for traffic patterns during construction, for future residents of the 99 unit structure, for visitors to the art gallery, for citizens walking the waterfront and finally for the residents of Renaissance Place.
  • Has there been an impact study completed on traffic flow - in particular during the construction phase, ( how long will that last ), noise impacts on the residents of Renaissance Place, and traffic flow on lower Water Street?
  • What consideration has been given to ambulance and fire access services?

Community Impacts:

  • It states in the Charlottetown Official Plan, “Our objective is to preserve important view planes to and from Charlottetown Harbour, and to enhance the landscaping, tree planting, and street furniture program for the waterfront area.” The proposed structure will eliminate the last green area along the boardwalk and destroy several beautiful mature trees.
  • The proposed concrete and steel structure is not compatible with lower Water Street and the surrounding area. The heritage view was not considered! • Was consideration/consultation given to the residents of the area?

Legal Implications:

  • Apparently, the Planning Committee has awarded bonus points for access to the boardwalk. What authority permitted this bonus awarding process?
  • How have the property easement and provincial setbacks from the water been addressed?
  • The proposed structure exceeds the allowable apartment building height - • Pan American ( Tim Banks ) claims in an article in the Guardian on May 5, 2020 “ like anything else that’s put on the market place, it opens up vacancy to make vacancy higher, reduces rent and makes things more competitive.” How does this luxury apartment building help the rental markets, when he further states rents will be 15% higher than the premium building next door? Therefore, how does this address the affordable housing crisis in Charlottetown?

While we understand the work city council does on behalf of the residents of Charlottetown, we feel signing it off following a 17 minute meeting is not sufficient time to consider (all) of the aspects of this major project. Further, these and other concerns could be addressed at a public consultation and meetings. Our understanding of the role of public officials/councillors includes fostering trust, listening to citizens and transparency.

Signed by adhoc committee members. Arlene Mamye & Louise Aalders

On behalf of the residents of Renaissance Place 

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