To keep our city and neighborhoods clean of pollution

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The Charlottetown City Council approved, last month, asphalt and concrete plants within the city. This is one of the biggest decisions the council has made and did not feel it necessary to get public input. A deferral was asked for to get public opinion and it was denied. How many asphalt and concrete plants will we have polluting our air and city?

Concerns of having more asphalt and concrete plants in the city:

1. Negative impact to property values in many parts of Charlottetown.

2. Noise Pollution- Many areas in Charlottetown will be impacted by the noise from increased truck traffic. It can take over 2000 trucks to move one barge container of gravel from the waterfront to the plant. It will pass waterfront residential, residential areas along the bypass, residential areas along Brackley Point Road and/or Mt. Edward Road and by the airport. There will be noise from the plant from trucks dumping nd moving materials to make the asphalt or concrete.

3. Air Pollution- With the prevailing winds being from the north and west, all of Charlottetown could be impacted by pollution from the smokestacks and dust.

4. Tourist's first impression- With 370,000 people flying into the Charlottetown Airport last year, if there are more asphalt plants on the Sherwood Road close to Brackley Point Road, it will be the first thing visitors see as they leave the airport. "Welcome to Charlottetown and Prince Edward Island". 

The councilors that voted in favour of more asphalt and concrete plants were the following:

Mayor Phillip Brown (voted in favour at the committee level)- 902 393 2601

Greg Rivard- Chair of planning- Ward 7- 902 388 7031.

Alanna Jankov- Ward 1- 902 394 7821.

Terry MacLeod- Ward 2- 902 394 7821.

Mike Duffy- Ward 3- 902 628 9501.

Terry Bernard- Ward 10- 902 628 5393.

Kevin Ramsay- Ward 5- 902 940 5291

The councilors that voted against more asphalt and concrete plants were the following: 

Jason Coady- Ward 8- 902 218 5734.

Mitch Tweel- Ward 4- 902 393 5538.

Julie McCabe- Ward 9- 902 393 9739

Bobby Doiron- Ward 6- 902 394 2895

The City's decision to approve more asphalt and concrete plants will change the face of our city for generations to come. We can have the city reverse this decision by having your voices heard. Please show your support by attending the public meeting. Let your voices be heard and contact your city council and MLAs.

Other people to contact to voice your concerns:

Alex Forbes (Manager of Planning with the City of Charlottetown) 902 629 4158

Peter Kelly (Chief Administration Officer with the City Charlottetown) 902 566 5548

Hon. Jamie Fox (Minister of Fisheries and Communities)

Hon. Brad Trivers (Minster of Environment)

Hon. James Ayland (Minister of Health)

Hon. Bloyce Thompson (Minister of Agriculture and Land) 902 368 4820

Premier Dennis King- 902 368 4400

Peter Bevan Baker (Opposition Leader)- 902 620 3977

Hon. Robert Mitchell (Third Party Leader)- 902 368 4330 


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