Resignation of Charlottesville VA, PoliceChief RaShall Brackney for going against her oath

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We the people of the Commonwealth of Virgina, Are calling for the resignation of Chief of Police RaShall Brackney. We would like her to relinquish her position as Chief of Police, On the grounds that she is not honoring her oath to the Constitution of The United States of America and would like to see law abiding citizens turned to criminals. We firmly believe in our second amendment rights and we don't appreciate our appointed officials stepping on our Constitution. So we are demanding that our officials either uphold their oath or resign. We call on City Manager Tarron J. Richardson to force resignation for RaShall Brackney's crimes against our second amendment rights to bear arms. She is working along side Mom's Demand Action an activist group calling for more gun control, when she should be tracking the real criminals, the ones obtaining guns illegally the drug dealers the gangs etc... We urge our government officials to stand by their oath and to not infringe upon our rights. We ask Tarron J. Richardson to take action if not him than our Mayor our Governor and even President Trump himself please listen to the voice of reason and force this resignation. See this through for we shall not be bullied by tyrannical forces. All we wish is to exercise our 2nd amendment right freely and to not be threatened anymore.