Save our chickens!!!!

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charlotteCLUCK "Citizens Lobbying for Urban Chicken Keeping" needs help!!

Help save our family pets! The county is forcing us to get rid of our hens due to a complaint for roosters we do NOT have anymore!!!

We recently decided to expand our existing flock, and two chicks ended up being roosters! Just days before we found them new homes, we received the complaint in the mail. 

Our children have raised these chickens since they were days old. Our hens are just as attached to us as we are to them. We will be devastated if we have to get rid of them!! These are our family pets and the county told us chickens are NOT pets! All our hens have names and personalities of their own! These lovable and tender animals are no different than having a dog or cat.

In today's busy world with expanding technology, people are losing face to face interactions with each other. Taking care of our chickens is one way our family gets outside and spends time together. Please stop the county from taking that away from us....

We need your support to have a voice in establishing a specific ordinance to allow backyard chickens (no roosters), so other chicken lovers do not have to risk losing their pets too!!!

CLICK LINK BELOW to see the website we made of our family pets and see how much they mean to us!

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