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Gender Neutral Bathrooms in Schools

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Gender identity and sexual orientation are a spectrum, not a binary system. Gender is not simply boy or girl, there are many variations and degrees to how the human brain perceives gender presentation. Growing up and being in high school can be hard for any teen going through it; but for someone who does not fall perfectly in the binary, cis-gender spectrum, school can be an even more stressful time. Students who are transgender or nonbinary struggle every day to go to the bathroom and feel comfortable, because despite there being more than two genders, there are only two bathrooms. People who are trans or nonbinary should have the opportunity to use the bathroom that they feel most comfortable in, just like cis-gender people do.

I believe that gender-neutral bathrooms can solve this problem. by offering a third option, students and staff on any degree of the gender spectrum can use the bathroom that makes them feel the most comfortable. By offering restrooms not specific to one gender, schools promote a message of equality, and help students avoid internal dysphoria and depression as well as harassment and bullying from other students.

By offering a neutral third option for a restroom, the school offers a much more inclusive and accepting feeling for students of all genders and sexualities. No one should be uncomfortable going to the bathroom. 

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