Online Until Cases Decline - CMS Board Enact "Plan C"

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Good Evening, 

On behalf of my colleagues and myself who helped to craft and publish this petition I would just like to thank each and every one of you for signing, sharing, and being a part of the conversation to make your voices heard. You are all part of a movement that gained so much momentum in such a short time and I can truly see how important life, safety, and the future is to each and every one of you. Reading through the reasons for signing also moved me and I thank each of you that shared your reasons. While we didn't get a full Plan C, what we did achieve is a compromise that does lean more towards Plan C. 

As of 10:25pm, the CMS Board adjourned following a decision to have a Plan B + Remote, which should be coming out in layman's terms from CMS later this week. While this isn't fully a Plan C, it is more than we could hope for. This plan will require an initial on-boarding of two weeks, during which time students will come to their school In groups to meet their teachers, learn the expectations of the school year, get acquainted with the online platform and begin initial learning. Health and Safety precautions will be top priority during this time. Following this two week period, students will be in online education until further notice to allow for metrics to stabilize.

Once again, a special thank you to you all. Stay safe and stay healthy! Remember, Your Voice Matters!

All Best,

Anthony Tate


Anthony Tate
1 year ago