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Educate CMS Teachers on autism to help eliminate bullying

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Our son Premiere Bethea who suffers from AUTISM was bullied physically, verbally and also isolated by the hands of his peers school years 2014-2017. 

The abuse continued after several attempts to seek help from his teachers, principal, staff members and superintendent. They would meet with us and promise change and come up with things that would help the situation. Not only did it not get better but it got worse and it continued. 

My family would like to see more awareness in Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools with emphasis on children with autism. Autism being an invisible disability it's often hard for students to know if a child is special needs. Granted no child should be bullied; more so kids with autism because their lack of social interaction with others suffer. Students who don't understand autism, they often tend to view autistic children as weird or odd and that leaves room for isolation or even worse like in our case, being bullied. 

We would like to see Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools educate their staff and teachers on Autism so that they will be able to inform their class if by any chance there is a student in their class with autism. That way the class is made aware that there is a student amongst them that is not like them.

Sadly enough there are instances where the same issue is not reported because some children with autism are non verbal. My son speaks to us but is unable to verbally express himself to others being teachers and staff. So we could have easily been one of those cases where we wouldn't have known the pain Our suffered.

I am bringing awareness and I speak for all mom's battling bullying and feeling unheard. Your child matters and they belong and they have the same right to be able to go to school and receive their education just like all kids.



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