Stop Jet Noise & Emissions over Charlotte Neighborhoods

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To Charlotte City Council, the Mayor, Senators Tillis and Burr, and Representatives Pittenger and Adams:

We need your help with an issue adversely affecting many of Charlotte's most well established neighborhoods, resulting from Federal overreach and either inadequate citizen engagement or outright deception.

The video above was taken by a Charlotte resident almost 10 miles to the East of the airport in an area that's been residentially zoned for decades. 

In 2016, the FAA implemented new procedures at Charlotte’s airport allowing jets arriving and departing to take shorter routes at lower altitudes over densely populated neighborhoods. City Council was not consulted, even as a courtesy, and there was no consideration of historical land use planning.

Departures and arrivals are now frequently at altitudes less that 3500 feet over long established residential areas where homeowners never expected to be affected by jet noise and emissions. Areas previously impacted with noise and emissions to some degree are now worse off. This isn't a situation of "winners and losers" among residents. No one is a winner.

We believe the benefits cited by aviation officials are overstated, and the process behind the changes is materially flawed as there was practically no citizen engagement. The FAA/s stated intention was to create "repeatable and predictable flight paths” and “earlier divergence on departures.” There was NO consideration of noise and jet fuel emissions on long established single family home neighborhoods.

City Council: we are asking you as owners of Charlotte's airport, and after a lengthy legal battle with the State to retain control, to request the FAA revert to pre Nextgen flight paths, as it has done in Phoenix, until Council has the opportunity to review and consider the new flight paths. Furthermore, we ask you to ask the FAA to consider routes over industrially zoned and less populated areas as being preferable to heavily populated neighborhoods.

Senators and Representatives: we are asking you as our voices in Washington to stop the overreach of a Federal agency that is serving the airline industry over taxpayers. Please tell the FAA it doesn't own the air...taxpayers do, and the airlines are granted the privilege of operating a concession in public air space.

Localities need to be consulted when making these decisions. It's not just common is good public policy to be intentional and transparent.

Thank you.

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