Fire Chief Putney

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Fed Up
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This is a demand by the citizens of Charlotte the removal of Police Chief Kerr Putney. He is unable to manage and control his workforce which has lead to the death of citizens. Police are not using escalation techniques and there is no accountability for them to do so.

People should not have the die due to inadequate training or failure to use deescalation training.

We demand for accountability, justice, and change. That cannot be achieved through a police chief who has absolutely no control over his workforce—especially when that lack of control results in the murder of community members.

We should not constantly find ourselves living in fear of the police. Chief Putney has had multiple opportunities to actively implement and ensure that his workforce is practicing de-escalation tactics only for the community to continue to see people lose their lives due to police incompetence. This must change. That change begins with the removal of the chief.