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We have sickle cell, but we do not have a doctor.

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Hello, we are the members of Sicklers United located in Greater Kansas City, Missouri. Sickle cell is an inherited blood disorder, in which the red blood cells are in a sickle shape, they stick together, and they do not carry adequate oxygen through the body and to the organs. This causes extreme pain, fatigue, anemia, stroke, and organ damage just to name a few. We are very lucky to have the Comprehensive Sickle Cell Clinic at Truman Medical Center, on the other hand, they have not been very comprehensive lately. Ever two years the doctor on staff either graduate from the residency program and leaves or simply leave. Sickle cell falls under Hematology- Oncology, however, all the doctors migrate to cancer. Our current doctor is a dermatologist. We do appreciate the fact that she wants to help! We can have a Dermatologist on staff because the medicine has multiple sicklers with dry itchy skin, rashes and even leg ulcers. Be that as it may, the Sickle Cell Clinic needs a Hematologist or a Pain Management Specialist as our head doctor. Many people in the  healthcare industry sees people with sickle cell as drug seekers. This is not true! On the other hand, narcotics are our main form of treatment that the healthcare industry came up with. You can give us bananas for all we care, we just do not want to be in pain.

Please help us make changes at Truman Medical Center. All we ask for are as follows. ...

1. It is okay for this doctor to be on staff, but not our head doctor. She is a dermatologists. 2. Until we get a hematologist, it is okay for the sickle cell patients to get our prescribtions from another Hematologist. 3. As long as the sickle cell clinic is providing sickle cell patients with any type of prescriptions, drawing labs, and helping to manage our pain we can be seen in urgent care. Other wise what is the point of the sickle cell clinic. They have dropped the ball on our care, not us, so why do we have to be the ones who suffer. 4. No doctor can cut down the amount of medicine we receive without tapering us down, within a reasonable amount of time, first.
5. Patients of the Sickle Cell Clinic can utilize the exercise facility located on the 5th floor. If we promote a healthier lifestyle, Sicklers will become stronger and therefore healthier.

Thank you so much for your support! 

#YouStandUp2CancerWhyNotSickleCell! #WeNeedProperCareToo! #YouDoNotFeelOurPain. #SicklersUnited.  #UnitedWeStandDividedWeFall

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