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For adults to have the right to be adopted.

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Under current UK law, adults (18 and over) have no legal rights to be adopted. If a child is brought up by a 'step-parent' and the (non-existent/not interested) biological father refuses to allow the child to be adopted then the child's legal father is the biological one. Even once the child has turned 18 and no longer needs the biological fathers consent to be adopted this is not allowed under UK legislation. It should be an adults right to be adopted legally by a 'step parent' if the adult wants this and wants no connections legally to their biological father. Please sign the petition to get it to parliament and get the UK law on adoption amended for adults. This petition would help me make the man who raised me be my legal parent and have my biological father nothing to do with me, as he doesn't deserve to be my legal father after having nothing to do with me all my life. 

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