Elder Abuse: Help Stop It Now!

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With the world's aging, more and more seniors aren't receiving the help and support they need to make a happy living. Many don't have the proper healthcare. Some have a disability and aren't getting the proper support for it. And some are even being physically, emotionally, and financially abused!

This issue has gone such to an extent, that seniors have been suffering from huge amounts of depression, and have even been considering suicide! Yes, it's that bad. The one who helped bring YOU into this world could be experiencing a tough life.

My grandma has been directly affected by this issue. One day, when I got home, I noticed my grandma crying. I sat by her side and tried to comfort her. When I asked what the problem was, she said that someone, I won't say who, is complaining and arguing at her because she has a disability and isn't capable of much. She then told me to go away and leave her alone. While I was upstairs, I continued to hear my grandma cry. Then, she said something that broke my heart. Still crying, she said "Kill me then! I don't want to live in this world anymore. Kill me!". When I ran over to her room, I saw my grandma hitting herself with the TV remote controller. This was a terrible moment of my life. It broke my heart, hearing that my grandma wanted to kill herself.

As aging continues, elder abuse will increase more and more. But before it goes completely out of hand, be a hero, and help stop it now! Sign this petition, share it with all of your friends, and help spread the message.

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