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Step Up for the Houseless, NOW!

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People in Portland, Oregon are literally freezing to death in the streets, right now, during this snowstorm. Portland's track record for the treatment of people without housing is unethical, for example Police Street Sweeps ensure that people without housing have less of a chance of success, because their homes and belongings are thrown away. This means that no matter how close they are to obtaining a job, they now have to deal with more pressing needs: needs for food and shelter. No matter how ready a person is to plan to better their lives to get out of the situation, having their home thrown away is a setback. Worse yet, when the temperature is below freezing, and when the shelters are full, unsafe for some folks, and low on resources, people who have nowhere to go are completely at risk of dying on the street, or developing other illnesses. The citizens of Portland are aware of this problem, and people are working hard to donate time and money to institutions designed to help, making food to distrubute, and creating solutions that they devote more than all of their spare time to, and yet people are still dying. 


The city of Portland demands it's leaders to STEP UP, HEAR, and IMPLEMENT solutions for those who are being affected by this major issue.

Potential Plan:
Step 1. Research what other cities and states are doing to tackle this issue. This may involve hiring a full time research staff, or even collaborating with existing experts, such as students at Portland State University and non profits working closely with the affected, to find which plan of action is working so that we can utilize the best practices and adapt them to our city's unique needs. 
Step 2. Form an emergency plan to help the people who will otherwise be at risk of dying tonight. 
Step 3. Work with the community, including the affected, to find a sustainable solution that works for everyone. Use existing non-profits and student research. 

The sooner we start, the more lives we will save. This is a serious issue, and we are serious about finding solutions!

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