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Petition Against Brazoria Telephone and Coastal Links High Internet Prices

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So, I've been meaning to publicly express some of my feelings and facts about something I'm sure Brazoria, West Columbia and surrounding areas also feel strongly about. To start, I use Costal Link Internet in Brazoria. I'm forced to pay $50 for a 3mb/s speed. If you know anything about Internet, that speed is very low. The next option is either 5/6mb/s and is even higher. Let's take Comcast's Xxfinity Internet for example, which you can get not 10 minutes away. For their medium package, $39.99, you can get a 25mb/s speed. For $10 more than Costal Link's 3mb/s speed, $59.99, you can achieve up to a whopping 50mb/s. That's a 16 times faster speed. Now, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to see that's a huge increase in what you get vs what you pay for. If you live in these effected areas and are tired of paying for this ridiculously overpriced service, I urge you to demand more from your internet provider or allow other business in. Yes, I'm aware that they also control the telephone service as well. Highway robbery at its finest. Please share and help demand change.

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