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                                      SAVE FINGLESHAM FIELDS

          3750 Houses on Green Field Site near Deal & Sandwich

A Developer, Quinn Estates Ltd, is bidding to develop a New Town of 3,750 houses with New Road, School and Industrial Estate, on hundreds of acres of Grade 1 Agricultural Land between Northbourne and Eastry, owned by Betteshanger Farms Ltd. It is estimated to be  twice the size of Sandwich.

More than 7000 vehicles - Eastry, Deal and Sandwich swamped

More countryside is set to disappear as Eastry, Deal and Sandwich merge when other Speculative Developers seize opportunity to use New Road Access to build ever more housing on Green Field Land.

Precious Amenity Lost as Walkers, Riders and Cyclists Forced off Busy Narrow Lanes

The next Dover District Council LOCAL PLAN is being developed now. It will show permitted land allocations for the next 20 years; in this case, houses, but with no specific detail. If allocated to the Local Plan it permits this developer to build 3750 houses, a School and Industrial Park on this site in the future, with no detail whatsoever!

Around 500 Acres of Best & Most Versatile Land Production Lost

Along with around 350 other developments this proposal will be put forward by the planners to THE CABINET, a group of Local DDC Councillors for consideration. They will decide whether to allow this shameful precedent and ruinous destruction of our countryside and it is they who must be held to account. Fortunately there is a local election in May 2019 when supporters of this plan can be voted out.

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