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Make VIRTUAL LIFE into a Black Mirror

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VIRTUAL LIFE is "a glimpse of tomorrow, and I mean tomorrow, because someone's going to read this and make this app."
VL was written for Black Mirror. I've tweeted, FB, emailed Charlie Booker (Black Mirror's Producer/Writer) directly to get him to read VIRTUAL LIFE, but alas, I'm not famous, so Charlie isn't responding.
Three (3) GOOD THINGS happen if Charlie Booker makes VL into a Black Mirror.
1. YOU get great entertainment, "One Hell of a Ride!"
2. You'll glimpse the very near future of #wearables and #smartglasses.
3. EVERYONE who sees VIRTUAL LIFE will be warned, and the fable will linger long after the episode is over, as do most of the Black Mirror series.
To get Charlie Booker @charltonbooker to turn the technothriller VIRTUAL LIFE into a Black Mirror episode, please sign this petition!
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