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Keep Massachusetts Drivers Safe!

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On January 14th, 2018, I survived a pretty nasty T-bone car crash while driving in Rehoboth, Massachusetts that left me injured and my car possibly totaled (I am not from Rehoboth, but drive there frequently to visit loved ones). The accident happened at the two-way intersection of Winthrop and Williams Streets that is, according to people I know who live in the area, notorious for how perilous it is. The stop sign is at least twenty feet away from where drivers are supposed to turn, and there is no painted stop line, so naturally, drivers are forced to play Russian Roulette while deciding when it's okay to proceed into the intersection. What makes matters worse is that the distance before the intersection is so long that it is often difficult to tell when cars are coming, which could be fixed by putting in either a warning or traffic light. I have heard horror stories from people I know in this area about drivers being killed or hit at this intersection or comparable ones nearby. 

This obviously isn't unique to just Rehoboth; I have family members and friends who have worked in various (usually rural) towns in Massachusetts and encountered intersections that were just as poorly designed. 

I am proposing that the Governor of Massachusetts, along with the State Senate, implement a law mandating that all intersections in the state, both two and four-way, feature a combination of two of the following (if they do not already):

A: A painted stop line at the entrance of the intersection.

B: A traffic/ warning light at the entrance of the intersection.

C: A stop sign that is NO MORE than 0 feet from the entrance of the intersection. 

No one should get a phone call saying that their parent, child, sibling, friend, etc. was senselessly killed or injured on the road. Please join me in my effort to help reduce the number of automobile accidents in our state. 



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