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Gov. Baker: Help stop Francisco's deportation!

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Dear Governor Baker,

I'm signing this petition to call on you to keep families together and to help stop Francisco's deportation.

Francisco Rodriguez is a hard working member of the Chelsea community. He works as MIT and owns his own business and is the primary caregiver for his two U.S. born daughters and as his wife is in the late months of an extremely high risk pregnancy.

On Thursday he was detained by ICE officials during his check in. Francisco's detention was unjust- Even after complying to the letter with ICE's requests for today's check-in, he was detained and now faces imminent deportation to El Salvador.

Francisco exemplifies how wrong the Trump administrations new policies of targeting all immigrants are. We are calling for Francisco's immediate release from detention and that Francisco not be deported so that he can present new facts about his asylum claim and allowed to support his family as they prepare to welcome a new baby.

Gov Baker, please call Secretary Kelly to urge him to exercise his authority to prevent Francisco from being torn from his family and the community that supports him!

More on Francisco:

Mr. Rodriguez has lived in the U.S. since 2006. He has lived in the greater Boston area for 10 years, specifically in Chelsea for the last 6 years. He is the father of two American citizen children, 10-year-old Mellanie and a 5-year-old Jessica, and a baby on the way. For the past five years, he has been a janitor at MIT. In addition, he runs his own carpet cleaning company. He is a member of his children’s school parent committee, of the community organization Chelsea Collaborative, of the Church Tabernaculo biblico seguidores de Jesus, and a union member of 32BJ SEIU (Service Employees International Union) at MIT. Mr. Rodriguez has no criminal record, pays his taxes, and contributes to his community, church, children’s school and workplace.

When Mr. Rodriguez arrived to the country, he applied for asylum in 2007. He was denied asylum in December of 2009, and his appeal was denied in July of 2011. He was later granted prosecutorial discretion and has received a Stay of Removal every year since that time. However this past month, when Francisco applied for a Stay, it was denied. If ICE grants Mr. Rodriguez a Stay of Removal, he can continue to work, take care of his family, and contribute to our community. In addition, next year Mr. Rodriguez’s mother, who is a permanent resident, will become a citizen. Soon afterwards, a pathway to residency will open for Francisco when his mother files a petition on his behalf.

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