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ROYAL COMMISSION into NEW SOUTH WALES ambulance service.

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At the latest NSW parliamentary inquiry into the prevailing issues of bullying, harassment and intimidation within emergency services.

The CEO (Dominic Morgan) of NSW ambulance appeared at the hearing with an impressive entourage of supporting staff, armed with box files of policy. Their lead time for preparation no less than others presenting evidence. However, his delivery was contemptible and insulting to the committee as he floundered to answer even the most rudimentary questions about the organisation which he leads. He re-iterated the same old pattern of tiresome dialogue; with policy and titled people in place, meant everything was under control.  It most certainly isn’t and the added insult was inflicted by his failure to recognise the impotency and corruption within his organisation.

$30M was granted to NSW ambulance in the last parliamentary budget to improve the mental health and well-being of its staff. That’s $30M of tax payer’s money for which tax payers will see no benefit, because there has been no improvement. The perpetrators of bad culture still reside in their positions of authority and their only legacy is to ensure their blinkered perceptions are upheld by the next generation of managers.

The public has a right to know on what their tax dollar is being spent, and this knowledge will only come from placing NSW ambulance under greater scrutiny. There is no choice of service provider when 000 is dialled, and unlike a commercial body with competitors; NSW ambulance has a ready supply of finances from the public purse, but it is how the executive choose to spend it is another matter. The truth would show they have a long-standing reputation for wasting public money on ill-conceived campaigns and projects.

This same executive is very good at using big power words like ‘accountability’ and ‘transparency’ but without true understanding of the meaning and implication.

They rely on the prevalence of apathy and complacency to avoid the difficult questions. To deter the most persistent enquiry they’ll apply delaying and diversionary tactics from their ‘smoke and mirrors’ policy. Anything but come clean, concise and responsible.

Regrettably NSW ambulance is not in the premier league of pre-hospital providers.Skills which are proven, tried and tested throughout many other services across Australasia, and the world, are woefully absent here.

A new uniform and fresh new logos on vehicles does not constitute the change required.

Aided by diminishing moral, dysfunctional incompetent management and a prevailing culture of nepotism and incestuous relationships; rightly, the public should be very concerned; because the acronym CARE (cover ass and retain employment) is the only excellence to be expected from the mediaocracy of NSW ambulance management.

Don’t be fooled again, put them on notice!

Sign the petition to demand the accountability and transparency of NSWA management before a Royal commission.

Put an end to the institutional betrayal inflicted on paramedics and the public alike.


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