STOP THE STINK! from Charleston Papermill

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Stop the obnoxious sulfur smells from the Charleston Paper Mill (WestRock) by using common industry odor control technology within the Paper Mill. 

Do you live in the Charleston area and have you noticed a sulfurous like smell? Sometimes this could be “pluff mud” but more likely it is total reduced sulfur gases that are being emitted from the WestRock paper mill in North Charleston (on the Cooper river). It appears the plant emits such gases continuously, and the resulting “rotten egg” smell is detectable for miles away by anyone unlucky enough to be downwind of the plant that day.

While not harmful according to DHEC, it can smell pretty rancid and spoil family time outside or a tourist’s first impression of Charleston in our beautiful Lowcountry. 

South Carolina currently does not have Odor Nuisance legislation, but there are common industry practices that could easily remove all or most of the odors. Such measures have been successfully adopted elsewhere. 

The plant has been around for many years, before the recent population growth in the Lowcountry, when the strong odors affected far less people.  The time is overdue for the WestRock plant to clean up the foul smells that are being passed onto Charleston’s beaches, historic downtown, and residential areas.

We hereby petition the plant, and our local and state leaders, to stop the obnoxious smell. This will require investment by the plant but given its location in the middle of a growing urban center this cannot be ignored anymore. 


Phase 1  –  Gain support with hundreds or thousands of Petition Signees!

Phase 2  –  Use this public opinion to persuade Charleston Government to work a plan with WestRock to mitigate the odor. (Ex.  a papermill  tax break conditional on reduced odor has been done in Kalamazoo, Michigan)