Support the "Howle Ave. Park/Pond Project" - Connecting Communities

Support the "Howle Ave. Park/Pond Project" - Connecting Communities

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April Magill started this petition to Charleston County Greenbelt Advisory Board

We are in FULL SUPPORT of this wonderful greenspace proposed project and would like to ask the Charleston County Greenbelt Advisory Board to vote in support of the "Howle Ave. Greenbelt Project" on May 12th.

This new greenspace would connect 4 neighborhoods (in the least); Howle, Stefan, Fleming, and Hollings, which are currently not traversable via foot or bike without accessing the extremely dangerous Maybank Hwy. The closest greenspace we have in the northern area of James Island is Plymouth Park in Riverland Terrace, which requires traveling along Maybank Hwy and then crossing at the (even more) dangerous 5 point intersection. Our other option to access green space is to travel by car to JICP.  

Over the past decade, development of this region on James Island has increased significantly; residents are forced into their cars, on an already bogged down highway, to access any adjacent properties or green space. The addition of this new pond/park would increase livability and quality of life exponentially for the households living in this region. Furthermore, this lot contains wetlands and we are 100% opposed to the development of land on, or adjacent to wetlands, which is also backed by the 'Dutch Dialogues' assessment.

In addition to the bullet points below, the proposed design will help with our drainage problems; although this is not a drainage project in of itself, when we can tackle multiple issues with one move, we are utilizing tax dollars in an extremely efficient and effective manner.

Reasons to support this project:

  • Meets the following components of the Greenbelt definition:
  • Passive Greenspace – Trails and access point for water activities
  • Natural infrastructure – Floodplains and lands critical to clean water
    Meets the Greenbelt Vision by connecting greenspaces, neighborhoods, other recreational facilities and retail or job centers
  • Located in the center northern half of James Island, this provides a centralized location for communities of this region to enjoy a greenspace
  • there is only 1.4 acres of high ground to develop; with extremely difficult new stormwater regulations; it seems a much better use of this land would be to provide greenspace
  • Protects nearly 4 acres of urban land under threat of loss to development
  • Fee simple title to Greenspace with full public access
  • Plan for this project will provide a trail link for current and future bike/ped paths.
  • Return on Investment:
  • Provides public health benefit (passive park and trails)
  • Provides public service such as resiliency, natural infrastructure and resistance to flooding. This element was added to the project criteria based on the 2017 public survey the GAB conducted that indicated:
  • Natural infrastructure was ranked 3rd out of 9 as the most important landscapes to be protected (it ranked 2nd for those living on James Island)
  • Addressing  areas that frequently flood was ranked 5th out of 9 as the most critical areas of need (it ranked 2nd for those on James Island)
  • Acquisition of frequently flooded properties ranked 3rd out of 8 as to where most of the funding for the Greenbelt Program should be directed (it ranked 5th for those on James Island)
  • Meets the Dutch Dialogue suggestions. Protects existing wetlands.

We ask for your support on May 12th in voting 'YES' for the Howle Ave. Greenbelt Project.

Thank you!

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!