Belle Hall Area Needs be Zoned for Moultrie Middle and Lucy Beckham High School

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CCSD District 2 Board of Trustees is currently considering several options for how to zone the Belle Hall area students for both middle and high school.  This decision could greatly affect the safety of our students by impacting the amount of time they spend commuting to school, their ability to participate in extra curricular activities at school, as well as impact traffic to all surrounding areas.   Belle Hall area students should be zoned for Moultrie Middle School and Lucy Beckham High School which will be located within walking or biking distance to the majority of Bell Hall Elementary Students and the Belle Hall Community.  

Zoning Belle Hall Elementary Students to Moultrie Middle and Lucy Beckham High School will divert traffic away from the already congested and problematic Long Point Road to US 17 North.   

It will allow many students to walk or bike to Lucy Beckham High School and reduce travel time to middle school by removing cars from the most crowded and busy Mount Pleasant routes.

It will relieve the back up turning onto US 17 from Long Point Road.  

It will also remove hundreds of cars from the morning rush hour returning down US 17 south after drop off at Laing and Wando, and remove those same cars from the overcrowded US 17 North in afternoon traffic during school pick up or after school pick up.   

It will greatly reduce the commute time for students to both middle and high school due to the better traffic patterns that will result for school traffic to these schools.

Parents will be able to easily pick up their students from after school activities and allow students to be more actively involved in extra curricular activities at both Moultrie and Lucy Beckham.

Parents will be able to be more involved in these schools since they can get to these schools more easily.  

CCSD District 2 is making this decision very shortly and needs to hear from members of the community about how this decision will affect our residents and students.  

Please let your voice be heard if you believe that students in the Belle Hall area should be zoned for Moultrie Middle and Lucy Beckham High School.