Boy Scouts of America Change of Leadership

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Hello Members,

My name is Lucas Pauliukonis, currently a former member of the Boy Scouts of America, Troop 399 of the Greater Yosemite Council in Lodi, CA. I am now 18 years old and I am frustrated at my troop committees poor leadership and the disorganization of my council and their miscommunication and poor record keeping. I became a Life Scout (which is just behind the Eagle rank) on September 12, 2016 working on my Eagle scout project with my troop starting on October 1st, after that, everything fell apart.

My Advancement Chairperson, Theresa Flores, filed my paperwork incorrectly which prevented me from continuing boys scouts for obtaining my eagle rank (the top rank) just like my two brothers. I have spent 16 years working diligently to earn merit badges and become an Eagle Scout, but the unit committee leader Alan Young of troop 399 did not share my enthusiasm and they delayed and/or put off my requests for scout help in my Eagle Scout project in exchange for a fundraiser that would benefit them. My 18th birthday came up and a big rule is once a member reaches 18 years of age, they cannot be a scout anymore. So I filed for a time extension of 5 months of time advancement to be on the safe side, preventing any failures that I might run into,

However I requested an extension twice, the first was denied because I wasn't a Life Scout, the second due to improperly filed records and paperwork because of “mistakes” from the committee.

During the final month in October, my Eagle Scout project, (which was the last requirement to be an eagle scout) was stopped by my Advancement Chairperson along with my counselor Gabriella McKeown. They cut off communication with me when I was at a crucial part of the project, and I did not hear word from them or my council about my denial for the time extension. I didn't even get a letter, phone call, or email from my District Executive (which handles this type of paperwork) Richard McCartney until after my 18th birthday on November 7th. They found fault with the reason for an extension, which was my emotional trauma from my mother's death.

So the goal of this petition is to achieve resignation of Alan Young, Theresa Flores, Gabriella McKeown, and especially our Greater Yosemite Director Richard McCartney, (he was just promoted to transfer in Arizona) and possibly get a proper time extension. I have evidence and I am also seeking legal aid to assist me with good advice. BSA is recognized as a private organization. They don't have to listen to scout's or parents need's. I can't do much except warn the public and pass this petition to make sure this doesn't happen to anyone else. The names listed are the people responsible for failing me. They did not give me any justice or allow me to see any physical copy of their paperwork as they refused to provide me with further information, they would not tell me anything to support my rights. I believe in standing for and representing the 12 values of scouting. Please support my cause. We want to collect 100 signatures. Make the Boy Scouts of America great again by retraining their leaders. Please sign my petition and support me.

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