Petition Raising Voice for  CSU International Students  Australia during Covid-19 Epidemic

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Petition Raising Voice for  CSU International Students  Australia during Covid-19


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As we are all aware, the COVID-19 crisis is escalating at an unparalleled rate every passing day now. Overseas travel is being restricted, borders have been shut down with nearly 1353 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Australia as of the 22nd of March.

Amidst all of this, there are thousands of International students across NSW, as well as Australia itself, that have been left vulnerable and in a state of jeopardy. While the government is announcing possible relief funds for Australian Citizens starting with Western Australia freezing utility bills, there is an eerie silence on the assistance that would be provided to over 500,000 international students across Australia.

Most of us work either as casuals/part-time in sectors such as Tourism, Retail, Hospitality etc where there have been massive losses due to the pandemic causing a massive downfall in the economy. A number of us have either been let go or have not been rostered for any hours at all from our 20-hour/week allowance. With monthly bills adding up to over $1500 including rent, groceries and utilities and with little to no support from any work, it can become very daunting.
Even though the International student community contributes to over $37 billion in a year to the Australian Economy, in a dire situation such as this, with the country on the brink of a lockdown, they face a high level of uncertainty about their situation.

A lot of countries have been shutting down non-essential services as a mitigating measure against the pandemic, which means a lot of students are not being able to access funds as financial institutions have shut down.

Universities have switched over to online modules and assessment criteria.
A lot of the universities have been switching to online-based delivery for lectures but it is the strong infrastructure of the universities that has attracted a lot of students to Australia. The teaching-learning experience experiences a large gap when it comes to subjects that requires Labs and tutorials to be performed.

Regarding the online classes decision taken by CSU, here are the major highlights to be taken into consideration. Students do not have prior experience to learn in online mode In almost more than 17 years of schooling, we haven't been taught how to take online classes Teachers also may not have the experience to teach online, and some might never have been involved in teaching  Online learning and distance education fees do not match with the current fee of the University Breach of a contract with Charles Sturt University from the university side as it clearly mentions the medium is internal, not online Consequences of moving to online classes and the current crisis: The quality of education will reduce drastically The product of 2021 students cannot be sold in the job market and thus the employability will reduce Most of the students are predicted to fail due to the gap in studies and due to mental trauma As recession is here and it's global, there will be jobs lost back home (home country) and here, our assets are going to dry up and financial crunch will crush more students, suicide rates are going to increase within international students in Australia.

Online-delivery compares to MOOC’s where the support is limited however the students are being same charged for the online learning experience 

A proposed possible solution is :

   1) Differing the session until things go back to normal so that students can get the experience they have been paying for.

   2) A concession on fees as the classes have transitioned to online delivery in comparison to physical delivery.

   3)The instalment plan needs to be extended to a couple of months more until the lockdown ends.

   4)Better counselling to be provided to the students for a clear pathway on how to move forward, the university needs to be more communicative with the students 

We sincerely appeal to the Chancellor of respective universities and concerned authorities in the Government to take action now and support us, when we need you more than ever. This is a time to support students who have been in fluxing a lot of cash into the economy when things were normal.

This plea is being made on behalf of the entire  CSU International student community in Australia.

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