Face to face lectures at University

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Face to face lectures and even some tutorials have succumbed to the digital world. While moving forward and embracing technology is a wonderful thing, what is lost and so often lost in the digital age is connection, connectedness. As humans we thrive on meaningful connection, rather than just being a number. In university studies, an already stressful period, connection becomes much more valued. How do we connect? Through smiles, laughter, sideways glances at our friends when we don't quite understand, through questioning, through tears, through shared experience. In face to face lectures for students that have chosen to study on campus is probably even more valuable. Given the choice between distance and on campus studies, I know what my heart would select. I understand this puts me in a place of privilege, to be able to choose. No doubt, many amazing people do amazingly well with distance studies. My point is though, if I choose to study on campus, but get a "distance" package how is this meeting my need, our need for connection and connectedness. Universities, you are the heart of nations, you fuel economic growth, you enlighten and enrich us. However, your success rests on our success, our aptitude, our merits, our grades. Support us, to support you and promote, support and provide face to face lectures and tutorials, rather than phase these out for the often more cost effective, but far less tangible online versions. Signed Humanity that craves connection. 

P.S. Please reinstate the famous Gilbey. His cape blowing in the wind a precursor to lectures that invigorate and engage. #teamgilbey 

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