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Re-investigate the Murder of Michael Divers!

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My name is Kristen Divers and my husband was murdered on August 28, 2015, in a physical altercation with David Brase and Mark McGreen at a community beach house in Centerport, Long Island. To date these men have not been brought to justice and I write to ask for your help in a re-investigation of the matter.

I had been told by several community sources that the 2 men, Brase and McGreen, have ties to the Suffolk County police department including the imprisoned chief James Burke and the corrupt DA Tom Spota.

After not hearing from police after the night my husband was killed, I hired a private investigator and attorney to help find out why no arrests were made. No one seemed to be investigating the matter until my attorney and investigator got involved.

After months of inaction a Suffolk County Assistant D.A. (ADA) became assigned to the case. Without hearing a shred of evidence the ADA told my lawyer he believed the two men were defending themselves, which is incredulous given the 2 and sometimes 3 on 1 attack on my husband that I later saw on video which the D.A. withheld from us. The rumors that Brase and McGreen had connections to the Suffolk County D.A.'s office seemed to be proving true.

Only six months after my husbands death did the Suffolk D.A.'s office impanel a grand jury to  investigate the matter. It seems that the ADA and DA Spota cherry picked evidence and witnesses to support their predetermined conclusion that my husband's death was not criminal and of course after 2 weeks the grand jury cleared Brase and McGreen of all charges.

Our investigation showed that my husband had entered the beach club house to use the restroom during a private party. The restrooms in the clubhouse are open to beach members, even when a party is going on. A video was available showing the 2 men murder my husband but I am not sure if the GJ even saw that part of the video.

I am asking for your help to unseal the grand jury minutes so we can see what corruption was exhibited in DA Spota's investigation of the matter. We are now pursuing a wrongful death action against the two men  and everyone is fighting to prevent us from learning the truth of what happened to my husband including blocking us from not only seeing the grand jury minutes but also basic police paperwork which include witness statements surrounding the investigation of my husband's death.

Any assistance you can offer to re-investigate this deadly beating that left me a widow and my 2 sons without a father is greatly appreciated.

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