End the $300 Million Whitefish Holdings Contract in Puerto Rico

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Whitefish Holdings was a two-person company before Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico. This company is based in the former Congressman and current Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke's home district. The owner, Andy Techmanski, is a major donor/bundler for Trump, the Trump Inaugural Committee, the RNC and others in the Trump/GOP orbit.

Whitefish Holdings, a company whose annual revenue has previously never topped $1,000,000, is now under a $300,000,000 contract to get Puerto Rico's power grid back up and running. This is crony capitalism in its most pure form. 

The Governor of Puerto Rico has called for an immediate audit of Whitefish Holdings and this $300,000,000 contract, but this is not enough. The stakes are too high for a contract of this complexity and importance to be handled by an unproven contractor. Especially Whitefish Holdings, who likely landed this contract based on relationships with a Trump cabinet official and the President himself. 

Help highlight crony capitalism and corruption by signing this petition. Stop this contract, and let's get some real folks in place. The American people deserve better than this, and Puerto Rico is in desperate need of the very best America has to offer. 

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