Impose compliance on all delayed Vw TDI settlement claims (Clean, Rebuilt,and Salvage)

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Impose compliance on all delayed Vw TDI settlement claims (Clean, Rebuilt and Salvage Titles )

1.) There has been little to no communication from vw representatives, class counsel, crc for a resolution to vehicles that are on an indefinite hold currently in excess of 9 months. A proposal for adjudicating this matter by the magistrate judge has come and gone numerous times according to class counsel.There have been several false statements, lack of communication, and no options given for the claims under further review.

2.) As many know VW has agreed to buy back owners of TDI cars that pollute more than legally allowed. The court settlement has been approved yet the terms of the settlement are not being adhered to ensure all vehicles clear, rebuilt, or salvage are being fixed or turned in by VW and the legal team is not levying the fines, as laid out in the settlement. Offers have not been made in the required timeframe as set per original contract  (10 business days ,20 business day or 90 overall )  Windows days as stipulated by the final settlement agreement .

3.) We would like to be informed of what issues are holding buybacks from April 2017 until now. We need a documented timeline or response as to what is being discussed, proposed solutions, so we can provide any needed input to all making the decisions on our behalf.


 All in all, our goal as current owners would like to be communicated with honesty in accordance with final settlement agreement. VW must be held accountable using the time frames and standards that are set in original agreement without blatant delays by all involved delaying the buyback process.  VW should be held up to their end of the bargain , and have buybacks made in timely order , and if they aren't Judge should impose the fines levied according to the settlement. Buybacks should be made in a timely order, or the fines should be imposed per the settlement agreement.


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