Commonwealth Democracy not Nepotism

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The undemocratic appointment of Prince Charles as the next Head of Commonwealth behind closed doors earlier this year, was a blow to the integrity of this institution, belittling it and keeping it on the fringes of global relevance.  The Charter of the Commonwealth drawn up in 2013 contains no reference to words like British or Crown and the position of Head of Commonwealth is not hereditary. This was an opportunity for the member countries, most of which are republics, to throw off these neo-colonial trappings once and for all and elect a Head from among themselves.

The aim of this petition is to get the monarchy to realise it should open up this post to a proper democratic process and request Prince Charles to stand down with immediate effect.

The member countries can then have an election to decide who should be the first non Royal Head of Commonwealth and for what length of term; and continue to appoint from among themselves on a rotating basis as does the EU for example.

The effect of this change will be not only to free the Commonwealth from the last vestige of colonial baggage, with members having to bow and curtsey to the Royals ,  but also liberate the British people from the make believe that we are still part of some bygone Empire .  

The nepotistic appointment of Charles as head of the Commonwealth perpetuates the myth that Britain’s Monarchy still reigns over all these countries, a belief widely held by the ‘man in the street’.

Unfortunately the Monarchy is still a large part of the British identity with many believing that they serve ‘Queen and Country’.  However, this is no longer a healthy rallying cry.  The Royals do not stand up for their so called’ subjects’, many of whom are desperately trying to survive and live at or below the poverty line. The class wall they create imbues people with a sense of inferiority, forcing us into an unwarranted deference and the knowledge that however hard we try, we can never be accepted by the higher echelons of society let alone aspire to be Head of State.  The vast disparity between the newly minted Duchesses parading their couture gowns and the ordinary working family is a disgrace, especially since they receive such a lot of their funding from the taxpayer.  Please join me in at least taking a first step to question the whole edifice of a Constitutional Monarchy, starting with the Commonwealth.




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