Allow Irish people abroad to vote online in the upcoming 'Repeal the 8th' referendum.

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I believe that an online voting system needs to be introduced, so that Irish people who are temporarily living abroad have a say in the 'Repeal the 8th' referendum and others in the future.

This referndum has the possibility to be life changing to the women and men of Ireland. As a young woman, I don't think my decision to travel for 2 years should revoke my right to vote in a referendum that will have a direct influence on the rest of my life. 

I understand that this opens a huge black hole to the thousands of Irish emigrants that have left Ireland and decide not to return or have attained a different citizenship.

Therefore, I propose that people who have left Ireland for under 5 years, be allowed to vote online. Anyone who doesn't meet this requirement would not have the right to vote. This means that Irish people who live elsewhere permanently, don't have a say in Irish politics. While the people who have chosen to temporarily leave Ireland, can be happy knowing, they have a say in the Ireland they are returning to. 

Please sign this petition so that Irish people can have the freedom to travel and explore the world while still retaining their right to vote in their home country.