Save Knox Farm State Park

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The State of New York purchased Knox Farm in 2000. Since that time, it has been a quiet and serene place for humans and wildlife to coexist peacefully. It has been a one of a kind park without playgrounds and pavilions and without traffic roaming through the lanes.  Over the years more people have come to the park to enjoy the peace and quiet, to take a nature walk, bring their dogs to play, to ride their horses or to just sit and take in the beautiful scenery.  

Currently, there is a request for proposal for the adaptive reuse of 80 acres of the park. The idea is to use the funds received from an outside bidder, to restore some of the buildings, including the stables that are within these 80 acres.  However, the amount of money that the state would get according to this proposal would not even be enough to restore one building.  Should such a proposal be granted, it could mean permanent vendors or permanent areas for concerts and festivals.  When the Knox family sold the property to the State, this was not the intended purpose.  The 80 acres referred to in this request consists of grasslands, wetlands, ponds and wooded areas.  These areas are home to many deer, foxes, rabbits, groundhogs, raccoons, opossums, birds, turtles, water fowl, (and their babies), just to name a few, not to mention all the important vegetation that is vital to the survival of this wildlife.  Any proposal, other than of an equestrian nature will have a negative impact on this wildlife, by destroying the areas mentioned above.  In addition, it will mean more light pollution, more trash left behind, more noise pollution and more automobile traffic in a park that was never intended for such.  It may also mean more traffic in the Village of East Aurora which at this time, is already an issue for many.  

While the buildings in this park need some rehabilitation, doing so at the expense of wildlife and its natural habitat is not the way to accomplish that goal.  I would ask that if you love Knox Farm State Park and care about the wildlife that lives there, to please sign and share this petition to let the State know that this is not ok.  Everyday humans encroach on wildlife space a little (or a lot) more.  Let's keep our park safe from this.