FBISD must adopt long-term plan addressing HS capacity needs in Ridge Point feeder pattern

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We want FBISD to pursue a 10-year, long-term strategy to address long-term capacity shortfalls in elementary, middle and high schools within the Ridge Point feeder pattern. This long-range plan stands in contrast to the short-term, stop-gap Band-Aids that have been pursued in recent years, which must come to an end.

The Ridge Point zone has endured crowded conditions in its schools for over 10 years, and the district continues to inadequately plan for the growth and needs of our students. The data used in the 2014 planning process underestimated the growth of this feeder pattern by 20%.

Zoning has been done and redone. We have portable buildings and new classroom additions and our schools are still overcrowded. 

Our students have been impacted for multiple years and many have been shuffled to different schools multiple times.

The current domino effect district-wide re-zoning proposal also adversely impacts other zones, similarly breaking up their neighborhoods and communities.

The Ridge Point zone is a large and already diverse area that includes Sienna Plantation, Waterbrook, Silver Ridge, Creekmont and parts of Arcola, Fresno and Rosharon along the FM 521 corridor.

It is conceded that a short-term plan is needed to address immediate concerns, but only with a long-term plan in place to address long-term needs. A 10-year plan for future elementary, middle and high school growth in our area that addresses current high school overcrowding and future middle and elementary overcrowding is necessary.


  • maintain the neighborhood concept and sense of community that it has worked hard to establish.
  • have less crowded learning environments.
  • have school capacity planned and available in lock-step with student population growth.
  • maintain the high level of diversity already present in our schools.
  • keep teen drivers safe by maintaining a safe commute to school that does not include crossing major highways and thoroughfares.
  • relieve the crowding that is a major safety and security concern at several schools.

It is critical that FBISD pass a bond to address the facility and capacity needs of its constituents. The Ridge Point HS community would be happy to advocate and support the passage of this bond, but this can only happen if the needed steps are taken and a detailed plan to address the capacity needs of the RPHS community in the coming years and the bandaid approach of repeated rezoning is abandoned. 

For more information visit https://fbisdnomorebandaids.com 

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