Keep Horse Farms in Charles County Agriculture!

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Charles County classifies horse farms as commercial

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Personal story
In a nutshell the county is trying to make us commercial and anyone that houses 4 or more horses will be affected by this. The county has threatened me that I would have to put in excel decel lanes,fire suppression engineered architectural drawing, site plan, storm water management just to name a few. And they said they weren’t sure I could even afford it. We got a permit to build our barn and our permit said for horses and we told them for boarding and now they are trying to shut my farm down and take it away from me. Water went into my neighbors yard during one of the flash flood storms that we had. We have corrected the issue and no water coming off the barn is going into their yard anymore. They complained and now Pandora’s box is opened for all of us. We have always tried to be good neighbors and if we knew that there was a water issue we would have fixed it. But we have had flooding all over this county this year and I unfortunately I cannot always control Mother Nature. I’m sure most people have been affected by the horrendous rains we have had this year. But now the county along with my neighbors want to shut my family farm down which will be devastating not only financially but emotionally. I have so many kids and adults that enjoy coming here it would be detrimental to the community for us to close. I depend on the farm to help support my family. As many of you know my mother had a massive stroke 3 years ago and now requires full time care and having the farm help supports what my family could otherwise not afford. My father is 75 and can’t do it by himself. Not to mention all these children that look forward to coming here each week. Bottom line we were given a permit to build our barn and now they are taking my right to farm away from me. This has been so hard for me and my family I have never been more sad before that the countless hours we have worked on this place they are trying to take away. I don’t complain about what my neighbors do or have like a garage thats in violation of county set backs 2ft from my property ( the very thing my neighbors are complaining about). or a junkyard on my property line. Or people coming onto my property in the middle of the night kicking at our berm trespassing on our property. I just want to live in peace on my farm teach kids the value of being on the farm and be able to raise my children here. We have been here raised sold and boarded horses for 30 years. He have over 20 acres of land that my family and I own in Bryantown. There are rumors I’m only on 5 acres. ( told to a government official)There are rumors I built my barn bigger than what was on the permit not true ( I’d be happy to show people my permit). Rumors of being on an existing sewage not true. Countless rumors and opinions about my place. If anyone knows me they know what good care we take of our farm. I hope you come and support us because your farm could be next on the chopping block

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