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SOMEDAY WE MAY BE THE ONE IN NEED OF NURSING HOME CARE but for now, we may know family and friends who are there today.  Unless you actually visit a (affordable) nursing home, you cannot grasp what magnitude of what is happening or not happening with the care of the other most vulnerable part of our society.

Everyone knows that Nursing Homes are not all good or all bad but some are provide substandard care and I know my family and I have witnessed this 1st hand... I am very concerned and vocal about Inspections and monitoring of Nursing Homes in Massachusetts - this cannot keep happening to the segment of our population who have worked so hard, raised families and would never neglect or deny anyone respect or dignity.

I want to challenge all those in the Seats of power and decision making, both on the local and State level to HIRE MORE PEOPLE TO KEEP THESE PLACES FROM NEGLECT, ABUSE, HARM AND SUBSTANDARD CARE

To the families, please don't blame yourselves if you had to make this tough decision - and to my am family - you all did what you could and your Dad was cared for, at least, by his family.

This cannot keep happening - I believe that the woman who was screaming was there at the time of my Uncle's stay (RIP Uncle Al) - her screams were shattering and unbearable to be around - but who know that all this time, she was suffering from a broken leg... shame on all of them .. what we witnessed there was unthinkable - substandard care, two or three AIDS for an entire wing, seniors in wheel chairs lined up at tables, sleeping or sitting on soiled diapers/sheets, some in rooms still in bed, others walking in circles begging for some attention - over medicated patients, and yes, some restrained in chairs/beds.  Food trays sitting infront of patients who can't feed themselves; ants, bugs in food rooms, soiled clothing, dehydration, climate too cold or too hot, and so much more we can't see.

I have been waiting for some time to pass after my Uncle's passing but now I can't watch this go on anymore.. I am going to start to address to those who will hear me - I will share what I've seen there, what we witnessed and what we will never forget... 

Nursing home panned again by inspectors BRENTWOOD 
DANVERS — A for-profit nursing home with a troubled past has been cited again for poor treatment of residents.

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