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Chariho High School: Use Abel's grant money to fund the computer technology course.

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My schools Computer Technology teacher, Sgt. Richard Abel, acquired a grant large enough for the school to finally buy new hardware and supplies for the computer program of my school. The seniors of the school were promised a gaming design course in the second semester of the year, and the underclassmen were to receive the course alongside their own technical courses in the years to come.

With nearly thirty years of a technological career and taking over six collage level classes on the programs he would need to be trained in, my teacher was certified and able to submit a list of materials for the administration of the school to purchase for the courses with the grant money, but was ignored as the deadline for the supplies to be shipped into the school passed by.

Now nearly three months have passed by and the supplies promised to my senior class are nowhere to be seen. In fact, the administration has outright stated that they have no intention of even ordering the products needed for the gaming courses.

The administration is now attempting to force my teacher into retirement so that they can use the grant money to increase the schools budget for their sports program. If Sgt. Abel is fired, a substitute history teacher will take his place who has literally no history in computer science education.

The administration is now ignoring the protests from more than forty families afflicted by the sudden change. Even if I cannot use the supplies in time to get any use from them, it is undeniably wrong to promise students a course that they would not deliver upon.

Thus, I'm starting this petition on in an attempt to save our teacher from the looming attacks of my schools administration, and secure the supplies needed to further not only my education but the education of all of my underclassmen participating in my technical program.

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