Charges for Assault Against Buffalo Police Officers

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On June 4th, 2020 two Buffalo Police Officers (one of which was Officer Adam Torgalski) pushed a man down (75-year old Martin Gugino) and caused bleeding out from his head. Officers just kept walking by him as he was bleeding from his head, one tired to go to him and was pulled away by another officer. He was taken to the hospital where officials say he is in serious condition right now. These officers were suspended without pay but we demand for them to be charged with assault at the very least. If a citizen without a badge did this we would be in jail and charged for assault immediately. Equal treatment for all people! We want Justice for this man! A peaceful protest is not against the law and neither is approaching a cop to talk to them. No laws were broken. This is inexcusable! We have lost compassion for our fellow human. We will follow this story and provide updates!