Charge Racist APD Officers with Perjury

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At Sequoia HS in Merced, California, I had a racist teacher who would always harass me. One day we were having a class discussion and I told my of my peers that he sounded “hella paisa.” A few of us, including him, chuckled. The teacher then became angry and told me that I was being “racist.” We tried explaining that it was okay when used amongst eachother. He was like, “Do you even know what that means?” I told him that I did and then asked him the same. He replied, “Paisas are people who need to go home.” I couldn’t help but to get upset. However, I did remain as calm as I possibly could’ve. Mr. Doucette threatened to send me to the principal’s office, so I did him a favor and headed there on my own. I thought I would receive the help I needed, but boy, was I wrong about that one. I explained myself to both, the principal and vice principal. The vice principal said that there was nothing she could do about it and offered to help me transfer to Atwater Valley Community HS. I quickly accepted, simply because I could no longer put up with Mr. Doucette. They told me I could go back to regular school in January. So the time rolls around, and I remind the principal at AVCHS that I’m supposed to be transferring soon. She then told me that I couldn’t go back until next school year because I had been “expelled.” Time passed by and I still proceeded to try to figure out what went wrong. Months later, they admitted to messing up my paper, but said that it was too late for me to transfer. Fast forward a few weeks later; Ms. Mosell’s classroom. Another student had asked to use the restroom. He was then told no; for whatever reason. Frustrated, he said, “Why not nigga?” The teacher screamed, “Did you just call me a NIGGAA!?” I stopped what I was doing. I was highly offended and felt obligated to say something. “Just because we use that word doesn’t mean you can.” *the bell rings* The school security asked me to stay behind so that he could speak to me. I tried my best to get them to understand that I couldn’t because my mom wouldn’t be able to pick me up. They wouldn’t have been able to be provide me with transportation; other than the van that was scheduled to leave right after school. When I got home, my mom told me that the school called her saying that I was being suspended. Upset, I called the superintendent’s office. I kept my cool and tried to explain the situation to them. They refused to take me seriously; asking to speak to my mother. She’s not as educated as I am, so my whole life I’ve always tried to stand my own ground. It upsets me that people take advantage of that. Anywayss, I was ignored, again. The next day my mom and I took a trip to the school site. We wanted answers as to why I had been suspended. The principal agreed to speak to my mom, but WITHOUT me in the room. I found this to be strange and insisted upon being in the room because I didn’t want to be lied on. My mother also agreed that it’d be best that I be in the room too. Annoyed, the principal mocked me. “I’ll be with you in five minutes after my meeting” I nodded, “Why don’t you speak to them about all this injustice while you’re in there?” Her face turned red and she yelled at me saying that I needed to leave. Before this occasion, I didn’t know being on campus while suspended was illegal. So, I did exactly that. I was on my way to the car when I noticed that my mom was still inside. I walked back to the entrance of the door; not all the way inside, but close enough to see my mom. For a moment, there I stood, still. Then the security told me not to go back inside, which only upset me even more because 1) I was experiencing racism 2) I wasn’t doing anything. I began to walk towards my mother anyways, but was quickly body slammed into a pot. Mind you; this man is way larger in size compared to me. My nose bled out onto the office carpet. The police put the handcuffs on me. They continued to apply pressure to my wrists; even after I complied and said “you’re hurting me.” After a while, I began to scratch at them to get them to stop. They took me to the cop car where I refused to get in because I had not committed a crime. Officer Martin of Atwater Police Department stood over me as I was laying down in the back seat. My legs were between his legs and the car door; he applied pressure. “Okay!! I’ll get in the car!” I tried to get him to leave me alone. He said he would if I stayed still so I did. He didn’t stop, which caused me to become upset again. I couldn’t believe I was experiencing this firsthand. Officer Martin began to punch me in my stomach with a closed fist. “Why are you letting him do this to me!? He’s hurting me!” The chief of police yelled at me and told me to shut up. Martin reaches out to choke me and I bit at him to get him to stop. My intentions were simply to protect myself. My teeth didn’t actually come in contact with his skin. He acted as if he’d been hurt anyways. “Stop biting me!” He held a closed fist up to my face and told me that he was going to “knock all of my teeth out my mouth.” I began to ask for their names. “We don’t have to give you that information.” They both refused to identify themselves, but then I made it very clear that I know what the law says. After asking multiple times, they finally gave in. An ambulance arrived and the police officers who had just VIOLATED my rights directed me to the car. I pulled away; not to run, but because I didn’t want to be touched. They then applied more pressure to my wrists. I agreed to go to the hospital of my own free will. I just didn’t want any restraints put on me. Even though I had calmed down, they said that I was a threat to them. They forcefully began to strap me to the gurney. While they basically tortured me, Officer Martin used full force to press down on my temples. He was using so much force that you could see his body shaking and his teeth clench. The school principal pulled out her mobile phone to record this. She laughed as they put me in the back of the ambulance and said, “ Have fun, don’t come back!” I was taken to the hospital where they tried to sedate me because I was speaking on what had just happened. They were upset that I was being heard. I had to stay silent in order to stay awake. I was afraid of what might go on if I was unconscious and unable to speak for myself. I was booked in that day. My police report said that I “charged at the principal” and “bit officer Martin.” I spent a whole month fighting this case. Then one day at court, they offered me a plea deal. They said that if I pleaded guilty, they would release me that same day; only to sentence me to an additional 2 months. 

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