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Charge Atos and the DWP with corporate manslaughter regarding the starvation of Mark Wood after he was declared "fit for work".

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Atos declared Mark Wood fit for work in spite of his having asperger's,  cognitive behavioural problems, phobias of food and of social situations. It was all too much for him. He retreated into his flat and starved to death after all his benefits were cut because of Atos's decision against him.

Up until November 2011, 10,600 people died shortly after being declared fit for work by Atos. The Department of Work and Pensions response to this uncomfortable truth is to refuse access to ongoing statistics. In the meantime people dying of their illnesses and those genuinely unable to work are being subjected to a test whose implementation has been described as "deeply flawed" by it's creator and having their benefits removed, leaving them in destitution and incapable of work. 

This is what happened to Mark Wood. A man described as "sweet and gentle" by those that knew him. In the UK, someone that vulnerable was left to die by a system that is acknowledged as being "a mess" by the present minister for the disabled.

The "mess" continues unabated and unchanged, and I want us to hold Atos to account for Mark's tragic and avoidable death. Mark Wood's GP contacted the DWP on his behalf, and made it clear, in very strong terms, that Mark was not fit for work. It was all for nothing.

The question has now become, did Mark die for nothing? 

That's up to us, which is why I started this petition, to give sane, compassionate people an opportunity to demand justice for Mark Wood, something he himself was unable to do, and was starved to death in a G8 country because of it. 

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