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Charge and Prosecute Desmond Hague for Animal Abuse

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Animal abuse is a serious matter so we need the Canadian court system to know people who are cruel to animals deserve appropriate sentences for their crimes.

Regarding Desmond Hague, the BC SPCA has confirmed they have concluded their investigation into the case of his dog Sade, who was videotaped being abused on camera. They have forwarded their recommended charges to The Crown.

In addition to the footage of Hague kicking Sade, yanking on her chain, and even lifting her up by the leash, the Vancouver Sun said there were documents which indicate she was finally found by SPCA agents in a crate that smelled like urine and with no food or water within reach. Sade also appeared to be physically abused.

It's one thing for Centerplate to take action, but also another to see that this legal process is carried out.

There have been several cases recently that have resulted in the accused animal abuser found guilty, but given an inadequate sentence and I feel this gives others the impression that they can get away with crimes against animals. I want to put an end to this.

We are asking BC's judicial system to consider the recommended charges and prosecute Desmond Hague to the fullest extent.

I hope this will be a turning point on behalf of all animals who need better legal protection in British Columbia and across Canada.

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