Dr against cancer patients

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People fighting Cancer or a terminal illness 

I am fighting a up hill battle with my specialist oncology Dr as he won't sign my super forms to allow me to get my Tpd or life insurance as he said stage 3 breast cancer  and stage 4 bone met cancer doesn't make me eligible my specialist Dr says ?  

Super companies are happy to pay out tho this one Dr who has treated me 4 years still won't sign the forms and also says I could go back to work even though I am palliative and I've worked for my super n paid for all the premieres, that allow me to be able to claim my insurance.. 

(ive had a mastectomy, 14 nodes out, 6 months of intents chemo, 60 sessions of radiation all up and years and years of hormone treatments also live as we speak with stage 4 breast boney met in the sternum)

Living off centrelink isn't easy nor does that give room to be able to get the best treatment or use or have the best care possible or Live a quality of life that I may have left with my family and friends.

 I believe it's the super company's who allows or decline the claims and not a Dr?

 Also I  can't help to think that is he the only Dr to do it to patients and is this a common thing they do or have done to others That have lots the fight to the horrible diseases..and did the Drs make there journey hard like mine that's been extremely hard though being told no he will not sign the form or goes months n months and ignores the forms,  then also even trying to charge me in a public hospital to pay $153.22 for the form to be filled tho even agreeing to paying this is still not sign n spoke yesterday that he will not sign It. he is my treating oncologist specialist Dr ..  

Tho my gp and other person's in that field agree with me and also say it's your super you worked for it and this is what its for.  

 Is he using his power in the wrong way?  does he have the right? 

And should he sign it? 

As I NEED my  specialist treating oncologist  Dr to sign the form or I don't get my claim!!! 

Please sign ... If you believe he should be filling and signing my form!!