STOP THE CASE Goyder Council vs the Diener's - standing up for rural land owners rights

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Please sign our petition and share to stop the Regional Council of Goyder taking the Diener's to trial and to drop the costs. This action by council is being funded by ratepayers!!! 
We've our family and friends have been riding here on our property in Eudunda for over 10 years, we have a personal track on our 16 acres along with horse paddocks, sheep, chooks, veg garden, farm shedding and our home. My kids have grown up riding here and their friends have learnt to ride here to. Our track was used by several mc clubs in the past for come n try days and it has always been a family friendly environment and great for the community. We try to keep our block tidy, always mindful of fire safety etc and we've planted over 2500 native trees around the boundary.
We became aware that some neighbors weren't happy after a pair came to our house intoxicated and abused us. (We had not heard a peep from these people in 10 years). We decided to write a letter to our neighbors explaining that we would like to eventually run a coaching park here to help kids learn to ride safely and invited neighbors to have their say, asked what they'd be happy with, etc. it clearly stated it was only something we were only thinking about and we really wanted to know what they neighbors thought about our idea. NOT ONE NEIGHBOUR REPLIED. Instead they complained to council. We were shocked to discover some of the names of the complaining neighbors when council sent us their affidavit. These people we have crossed paths with many times down the street, at the pub and in the local shops and none of them had anything to say about it. I even asked several of them face to face if they mind the bikes and they all said no not at all. Not all neighbors complained. We have several neighbors that are supportive and have no problems with us at all. Council then demanded we stop all riding here and submit a development plan. We could not submit a plan as we did not meet any of their criteria and their paperwork did not match our situation. Council then began the process to take us to court. The councils development manager came onto our property and filed a false incident report. He and other council vehicles continue to park outside our house and along our boundary fence, they sit there for ages staring at our home, they get out and take photos and enter our property. It's harassment! Council has assumed we run a commercial track here, have grand stands, public toilets, have added buildings and have a dozens of riders here 24/7. We are in no way a commercial track, there is no grandstand, no new buildings and no public toilets. We barely have any riders here now, just us and a handful of friends, a good number of these riding friends are families, and like us, several of these families have children with a variety of disabilities who ride as part of their therapy. I am not going to let council take this away from these kids. It would be negligent and detrimental to the kids wellbeing.
We've met with council several times and each time our questions went unanswered and they refused to hear what we had to say. Council offered us a deal that only us and our kids could ride here between certain times but no one else, no friends or family allowed at all!, they also wanted personal details of our children and to pay them over $6600 in costs! And told us if we refused their offer they would take us to trial and they would demand all riding ceases entirely and we would be faced with cost over $20,000! We refused!
Why can't my kids invite their friends over to ride with them anymore and why on earth should we pay council costs to stop us doing something we're not even doing?