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Channel Fireball is Taking Advantage of Players. It Needs to Stop

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I have been playing Magic for almost 10 years. My first Grand Prix was almost 6 years ago and it was an amazing experience that supercharged my desire to play competitive magic. It was unforgettable because it was not just a tournament, it was a celebration of magic. And I could afford to go. The entry fee was only 50$ and I received an awesome playmat, a deck box, and a promo card, but since Channel Fireball has taken over Grand Prixs prices have skyrocketed. 

At Grand Prix Toronto, Channel Fireball is charging 78 USD to play in the main event, and is charging almost 16 USD for the playmat. That is insane compared to previous prices. The entry fee last year to GP Toronto was only 54 USD, and included the playmat. If you value the playmat at a 20 USD cash value, then players are been charged almost 44 USD more to play in 2017. That is unbelievable. Channel Fireball is using their monopoly on GPs to screw players, and it has to stop. 

Making Grand Prix less accessible for players, especially those who only only get one or two major tournaments a year, is unacceptable. Magic needs bigger events that do not just cater to Spikes who will pay anything to play. I want Grand Prix Toronto, and all of Channel Fireball's Grand Prix to the kind of event that is both affordable and amazing for all types of players, because that is what a GP should be. 

Sign this petition to tell Channel Fireball that the magic community won't stand for this. 


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