Channel 9 - Pull your racist show "Here Come The Habibs"!

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Gaining media traction - why not signatures?

Hi Everyone, Firstly thank you for your support in this campaign. I appreciate the fact that you signed this petition in our campaign against Channel 9's horrible new show "Here Come the Habibs". At this stage, we have just over 500 signatures, which isn't much at all - even though the petition has been viewed over 3000 times. That means that people are looking at the petition and not signing, which only proves the point that racism is alive and well. I have been receiving a lot of negative rhetoric and internet hate around the fact that I am seeking to censor (as though people are entitled to watch racist rubbish when it furthers the harm of marginalised groups), that I have no sense of humour (because poking fun at Lebanese and by extension other people of Middle Eastern appearance is just in good fun) and that because it was created by an Australian Lebanese it's fine (apparently one Australian Lebanese speaks on behalf of all). The only way we can combat these ridiculous ideas is by ramping up the campaign and shining a light on the racist nature of television in this country. Daily Life have just published my opinion piece on "Here Come the Habibs" which I hope will mean more signatures (you can check it out here: Mostly though, the only way to really get more signatures is through your actions as supporters - if you can all convince just one person to sign the petition we can double the number to 1000. Eventually, I would like to present this petition to Channel 9, but I can't do that with such few signatures. Let's continue to battle white entitlement, privilege, racism and dangerous stereotypes together. With Peace & Respect, Candy Royalle

Candy Royalle
6 years ago