Change A Current Affair to A Karen Affair

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At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!

It’s clear A Current Affair is geared towards aggravating the Karen’s and Grant’s around the nation who use their privilege to disrupt and harass any service based industry, racially profile absolute strangers in public and demand the attention of managers around the globe. Why? Because the customer is always right and the Ombudsman is always one handwritten airmail letter away.

Karens have become more evident in the general consciousness, as coronavirus hit Australia, the power struggle for customer service has been pushed into the spotlight and onto people’s camera roll’s - filming the next Karen public meltdown about incorrectly priced thongs at Spotlight and complains about expired steaks at Aldi making them sick.

If we can get the attention of Tracy Grimshaw or Karl Stefanovic, we might be able to get them to have a realization and get some more meaningful change into that 6:30pm prime time television slot.

No one loves to live next to a Karen or her partner Grant, but that’s what A Current Affair’s focus solely relies on. This is the change that will transform a more realistic title to Karen related viewing. 

Let’s see some real change. Karen’s days are numbered and the manager has has an absolute gut full of it.