Support David Koch

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Don’t Allow people’s petitions to get rid of David Koch for the interview with Pauline Hanson win. Why because he came a little tough because he was fueled with anger that 50 people lost their lives due to the hate speech of Australian politicians they deliver that encouraged and motivated a white supremacist terrorist attack. He may have been tough but something needed to be said to put a stop to hate speech by people who represent the Australian government. I standby koche fiery interview, it wasn’t bullying it was a man fuelled with despair that people who are looked up too are spreading hatred and empowering white supremacists terrorism. If you want to spread hate then be prepared to be attacked and pointed out for your values that you in so many ways are responsible for the attacks carried out by white supremacy power. Don’t judge a man speaking with so much emotion in him from anger to despair after the NZ Attacks and a man who stood up for the Muslim community when many Australians in the media and government frontline won’t. Support koch and sign this petition and share with everyone.