Channel 7 Needs To Sack David Koch aka "Kochie"

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We in Australia need to stand together, There are so many Victims of Bullying, and we need to put a stop to it. Many of us Witness on sunrise David Koch and Mr Hinch do just that, Pauline Hanson was invited to Sunrise and then Bullied by the Host of sunrise Kochie.

Every single day we try to work towards our children feeling safe from bullies, At school, at the park, just anywhere in General. And we tune in to watch TV in the morning and shows like Sunrise or Channel 9 News who bully and belittle people. 

I say enough is enough and as a whole we must stick together. Bullying is Never Ok.


Remember the Chant "Bullying No Way" Take a stand together!

If you would like to watch the Video here is the link!