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Fire Andrew O'Keefe

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Andrew O'Keefe, the co-host of Sunrise, is a left-winged bully.  He constantly argues with, harasses and laughs at his guests.  He is patronising, condescending and rude.  His interview with the respected MP from Netherlands, Geert Wilders, was a disgrace.  O'Keefe laughed at, mocked, talked over and bullied Mr Wilders and asked him irrelevant questions in a bid to embarrass him.  Instead, he embarrassed Australia.

In his latest debacle, during a segment on feminism on Sunrise, O'Keefe argued profusely with one of his guests, Mark Latham, shouted him down and sprouted incorrect figures.  Latham, a Conservative legend, accused O'Keefe of being a mouthpiece for left wing politics.  Indeed, Mr Latham is right.  

No-one wants to see this bully's face or hear his irritating laugh.  Channel 7 get rid of this rude, loud mouth, arrogant, embarrassment. 

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