Bring Back Craig McLachlan and The Dr. Blake Mysteries

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 The Doctor Blake Mysteries  has been an extremely popular Australian TV show – the ABC Australia's number one drama! Its superb cast is led by its star Craig McLachlan with his brilliant portrayal of Dr. Lucien Blake. Dr. Blake’s ability to solve crimes, along with his relationship with Jean, played by Nadine Garner, forms the backbone of the show and the reason fans watch and support the show.

 The Dr. Blake Mysteries is popular not only in Australia, but worldwide, shown in over 130 countries. The show has been nominated and won numerous awards in Australia and internationally, including a silver award at the New York Festivals: World’s Best TV and Films. Craig himself has been nominated for his wonderful and moving portrayal of Lucien Blake. Craig is a Gold Logie, multi-Silver Logies and Helpmann Award winner for his work throughout his thirty year career.

 When the ABC in Australia cancelled The Dr. Blake Mysteries in 2017, the fans (the Blake Army) rallied to help save the show. Because of the fans and Craig McLachlan’s tireless efforts, the show found a new home at Channel 7.  Now the Blake Army has been left devastated by the decision to remove Craig McLachlan as Lucien Blake in this beloved series. This action was taken because of allegations vehemently refuted by Craig. In December 2020, Craig was found not guilty of ALL charges. In addition, the producers, December Media, through an independent investigation cleared Craig of any misconduct during the filming of The Dr. Blake Mysteries.

Craig has the wholehearted backing of the The Dr. Blake Mysteries cast and crew, who have often spoken of the joy he created on the The Dr. Blake Mysteries set. His fans have joined Facebook and Twitter groups and have sent Craig thousands of emails and letters of support.

With a passionate, loyal audience, we feel that Channel 7 should continue our journey with Lucien and Jean and bring back Craig McLachlan as Dr. Lucien Blake in future telemovies.

So, if you love this show, please sign and share away! If Channel 7 sees how much we want to see the return of The Doctor Blake Mysteries with Craig McLachlan as Lucien Blake, we will see him return as the beautiful character he created and our show will continue for many years.