Channel 7 Stop Pauline Hanson From Appearing Regularly On Your Network

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Anti Islam / Islamaphobic sentiment is growing in Australia. The recent terrorist attacks committed by an Australian Christchurch is an example of that. 

The problem is that Channel 7 is giving air time to Pauline Hanson regularly, thus her racist and anti-islam policies are reaching a bigger audience. 

Channel 7 need to stop allowing Hanson appearing on their network. It's their moral obligation to stop her from appearing any further. 

If we want islamaphobia to end , we need to stop giving a platform to politicians who have an anti islam agenda to exercise their views on mainstream media networks.

In 2016, Sunrise admitted to paying Pauline Hanson for regular appearances in lead up to the election.

Stop racism in Australia and stop Channel 7 Australia from allowing Pauline Hanson to appear on their network.