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A pioneering drama serial that should never have been axed and in its time was innovative, groundbreaking and powerful. The first soap to truly tackle taboo issues long before the others. The first soap to ever feature a gay character and even the first gay kiss on primetime TV. So many new barriers broken down in Brookside, easily standing out from the other soaps and could proudly class itself as being unique.

It was also THE show to put Channel 4 on the map and now bar one DVD there is virtually no trace of Brookside - 21 years worth of episodes stored away in the archives gathering dust. For a landmark in British Television, Brookside deserves BETTER. 


Firstly, in the fifteen years since it went off-air, it has never been re-run and all it has to show for its legacy is a single DVD compilation of Memorable Moments - don't get me wrong, that was a great way to celebrate its thirtieth anniversary, but it's almost as though Channel 4 have buried the series. Surely, more DVD box sets are due to commemorate its place in British television history. And surely it deserves a re-run now? We, the fans, would love to see these things.


We would love to see Brookside receive the big box set treatment which it is more than worthy of - a year by year highlights compilation. Plus a re-run would also allow another generation to watch the show they've heard so much about. I really wouldn't be surprised if it were to hook a cult following with a new generation.

While I understand bringing the series back as an all-year-round soap is highly unlikely, what I'm also hoping to achieve with this petition is a series of Brookside specials - finding out where some of the characters are now in their lives. If this were to be successful, which i strongly believe it will be as it's still such a well-loved show, then this would hopefully lead to more. There are even some unresolved storylines, such as Barry Grant avenging his brothers killers (a reference was made about this in the final episode and a DVD trailer was shot but never filmed). So much potential. We'd love to see some of these characters even if just for one final time.

Obviously real residents occupy the Close now but as I've pointed out to many; in the final episode the characters departed after having sold their properties as the Close was due to be demolished, so it wouldn't make any sense anyway for them to all be living back on the Close. 

After 15 years of being off our screens, it's time to catch up with some of the Brookside legends. Many other TV shows have been revived successfully in recent years, which includes Cold Feet (after a 15-year hiatus) and Birds of a Feather. When those two series' returned after years and years off screen, it was like just picking up where it left off and I firmly believe Brookside would be exactly like that too, being such a character-driven show.

To catch up with some of the Brookside legends (should they be willing to return) like Dean Sullivan, Paul Usher, Sarah White, to name just a few, in the form of ,perhaps, one-off specials, which would be a roaring success and also a nod of acknowledgement to its (deserved) place in British TV history, and how it was a forerunner to other Channel 4 dramas that also adopted that gritty, naturalistic feel. In its heyday it was truly riveting television and I believe it could be again - these specials would lure loyal viewers back and youngsters who never watched it the first time round, and then there would be those watching just out of pure curiosity. One-off specials (or even just ONE) would be fantastic.  


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